SCMF Musings: Boomwich & Fiery Cheetos


While reading the Lucky Peach Versus issue, we came across a story by Robert Sietsema about sandwiches (TKO: New York) and learned there’s a place called Boomwich that offers a cheesesteak in which the cheese has been partly replaced with crumbled Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Say what??

We had to Google Boomwich to learn more.

Their Fughetaboutit sandwich.

Their Fughetaboutit sandwich.

The Fughetaboutit sandwich consists of mortadella, capicola, soppresata, balsamic tomato marmalade, basil, cacciocavallo, and a side of Cheetos (seems to be a part of all meals).

Which brings us to our favorite spokes-cat — Chester Cheetah.

We had mentioned him in a post a few years back. Definitely a memorable character.

Back to our Boomwich discovery, here are some write-ups:


Boomwich looks like a great place to check out next time we are in NYC.

As always, #SCMF!


Bonus clip – Chester in action:

He has a channel too!

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