AWSI Musings: IKEA’s Open Source Sofa Provides Cheap Thrills…

We introduced the “SNapkin” concept in this post. Here’s another to peruse and ponder.  Enjoy!—The Gang


The headline was an eye-grabber. The concept — smile-inducing.

Per the story which appeared in The Wall Street Journal, IKEA , the big box / flat box / allen wrench-to-assemble furniture retailer, is actively encouraging “mods” — DIY customization to fit a space, or change functions entirely over time.

Be on the lookout for their new sofa called Delaktig [Swedish for “being part of something”].

AWSI, for IKEA, this is an awesome way to create an engaging, deeper relationship with their customers and gain new fans. Plus — just think of the stories! We can see DIY channel potential and lots of YouTube uploads coming. Curious to see what User Generated mods get created. Awesome!

You can learn more in this post.


And The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

I love cheap thrills!

Thanks for reading!


—Dossie & The Gang

P.S. Special shout out to iconiContent (@iconicontent) for their very funny IKEA mockup ad.

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