Introducing the Villa’s Winged Friends…

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had gotten back from my run and noticed a message from my brother: Mom wants to FaceTime you.

A rarity as we mostly were email pals, I grabbed my iPad and headed out to the backyard where my husband’s tomatoes were growing and flowers blooming. Wanted her to have a look.

I was in a lightweight hoody — alien green — which actually blended in well with the yard.

So we talked. I gave her a tour. And she gave me an assignment (okay… two assignments).

She talked about the birds at The Villa (the retirement community in Pleasantville, NJ where she was under the care of The Hospitaler Sisters of Mercy).

I knew they were special and when I hung up, I sensed… a legacy project.

My mom passed away shortly after that conversation. That day she planted a seed that I needed to water and grow into a full blown flower. This video… this story… is THAT flower.

Posted just over a year after I had a chance to visit The Villa Birds (sorry about that), I honestly have no idea if they are still hanging out in the lobby. I’d like to think so. And I welcome you to imagine so.

Please enjoy the story of Skip Gladue’s gift to the community at the Villa Raffaella.

You can view it directly on YouTube by clicking here.





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