Introducing the “Robo-Raptor”

The Wall Street Journal had a front page story about Robo-Raptors (It’s a Bird, It’s a Plan, It’s a Robotic Bald Eagle). It talked about Dutch ornithologist, falconer and mechanical engineer, Robert Musters who created a lifelike “RoBird” that can scare off other birds.

Source: Dan Michaels/WSJ

Source: Dan Michaels/WSJ

“This bird can do what a real bird can do,” remarked Mr. Musters, whose company, BV GreenX, recently patented his design.

His robo-raptor has flapping wings which he says inspire more terror in potential prey.

“If a bird doesn’t move its wings, it’s not really hunting,” says Mr. Musters, who built his first model bird 40 years ago, when he was eight years old. A soaring raptor is staking its territory and surveying, he explains. An attack, in contrast, starts with a sprint through the sky for deadly speed.

Check out the video below.   If the robo-raptor could be cost reduced, not only would airports benefit, but golf courses and other areas plagued by geese, pigeons and small birds that leave a mess.


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