AWSI Musings: Red Phone Booth Redux — the Clever Repurposing of a Classic…

We introduced the “SNapkin” concept in this post. Here’s another to peruse and ponder.  Enjoy!—The Gang


We want one! That was the universal feeling upon viewing pictures of what has been created from “defunct British phone boxes” (AKA phone booths).

The “Trending” piece we saw in the San Francisco Chronicle recalled the history of the K6 boxes.

…created for the silver jubilee of King George V (1935), and today many of the original 80-year-old, 8-foot-3-inch kiosks are protected as architecturally significant. British Telecom plans to decommission thousands more, but the rare K6’s in “currant red” are in high demand — even if shipping the 1,650-pound phone boxes can make for a very expensive nostalgia trip.

We feel a Kickstarter coming on. Then again, why not just design a modern “phone box” in the form-factor of the classic K6. Sort of like those guys in San Diego updating the VW bug.

AWSI: When people repurpose old assets… old classics, they are doing textbook I-E-P creativity (as in Idea, Energy & Power) which is very inspiring.


And The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

Well, our Jukebox seems to to be locked into the old time usage of the phone box — for calls. Thus this piece from Blondie. Great tune, but the video is kind of “meh.”

So we pushed back for a change and asked for something else. That’s how we ended up with this — the clean version of Maroon 5’s Payphone via Vevo, which looks to us like someone imagining an escape from a super dull job.

The total score was this lyric video — easier on the eyes. Enjoy!

Talk about a creative redux!! Awesome cool!

Thanks for reading!


—Dossie & The Gang

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