AWSI Musings: Snickers SI Swimsuit Issue Takeover is Quite Clever…

We introduced the “SNapkin” concept in this post. Here’s another to peruse and ponder.  Enjoy!—The Gang


It is the issue that makes spouses cringe… and maybe, just maybe someone at Sports Illustrated knows it. For sure, the message got to the folks who promote Snickers. The candy brand’s “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign found an awesome vehicle to garner attention — the back cover and the inside back cover of that annual swimsuit issue.

BBDO New York imagined that two faux special-interest magazines unwisely decided to publish their own swimsuit issues.

  • On SI’s back cover, a fanciful American Antiques Home & Style magazine features an antique chest of drawers dressed in a swimsuit, with cover lines including “39 Infuriating Steps to Get a Swimsuit on a Chest of Drawers” and “We Immediately Regret This.”

  • Small Pets Monthly features a guinea pig in a red bikini. Cover lines: “50 Swimsuits for Guinea Pigs (For Some Reason)”

AWSI, this was brilliant placement. What we really wanted though, was a direct link to which Snickers bars the creatives or account people were eating when they came up with this awesome concept.


Hints anyone?


And The Enchanted Jukebox Sez…

“Woohoo-oo-oo-oo” — as performed by the Japanese Surf Rock Group called the 5 6 7 8s.

This is a simple but catchy tune originally performed by a 1950s rockabilly group called the Rock-A-Teens.

Thanks for reading!


—Dossie & The Gang

Note: The story behind how this got into “Kill Bill” is interesting (How Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’ Turned a Japanese Surf Rock Group Into Stars): The filmmaker discovered the group while in Japan, doing pre-production on “Kill Bill.” Toward the end of the trip, he stumbled across their music in a clothing store.

“I was in Japan and getting ready to leave for Australia with, like, two hours before I had to head to the airport. So I took a walk and passed this clothing store, I went in and there’s a cool group of girls singing on the sound system. I asked the counter lady who it was and she goes, ‘That’s the,’ and shows me the CD. I said, ‘Can I buy this?’ and she goes, ‘No, it’s our CD. This is a clothing store, not a music store.’ So I asked her to call the store manager. Being insistent in Japan is considered very rude. I was just being an A-hole American, but I was thinking it could be good for that crane shot I use in the movie. And I also knew, if it’s gonna happen, they’ll sell me the thing right now or I’ll forget about it. Like it’s kismet or nothing. The manager agreed to sell it to me for six Yen.”

Bonus Content:

According to a article, in its first full year, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” helped increase global sales of Snickers by 15.9% and grew market share in 56 of the 58 markets in which it ran—not bad for an 80-year-old, billion-dollar brand.

Also, the Super Bowl ad which fell flat (pun intended) can be found here:

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