SCMF Musings: Halt & Catch Garlic Fries…

In the SF Bay Area, whether watching local news or local sports, there has been an ad running for McDonald’s Gilroy garlic fries that made us “stop, rewind & play” over and over.

At first we were calling it McDonald’s “Woo!” garlic fries ad.

[Note: We wrote about the garlic fries back in May.]

When you play it, you’ll pick up on why.

Gilroy Garlic Fries McDonald's ad

But the “Woo!” wasn’t the trigger to rewind. Rather, it was what the Woo-Dude was doing —supposedly working on “the next big thing.”

McDonald’s Gilroy Garlic Fries from Christopher Newman on Vimeo.

Look closely. It appears to be a mother board and perhaps a power supply for an old school computer.

Huh… Where have we seen THAT before?

Ah. Wait for it… Of course.

Gilroy Garlic Halt and Catch Fire


AMC’s “Halt and Catch Fire,” that’s where.

So now you know (or can infer) why we have taken to calling this the “Halt and Catch Garlic Fries” ad.

If not, check out this trailer for Season One of the show.

Season 3 is coming up, by the way.


Continuing with our #SCMF thinking, Tommie wants to know where they found the power supply. Perhaps Fry’s Electronics (Guaranteed!).

That’s a wrap!

But before we leave you, the Enchanted Jukebox has provided us with another appropriate tune.


—The Gang



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