SCMF Musings: More Things that Make Us Go Hmmm…


Head scratchers seemed to hit critical mass over the weekend, so we decided to do another edition of “Things that Make Us Go Hmmm…”

Quitting Twitter…

So somehow, this topic has become “a thing.”

In the Weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal, Rolfe Winkler wrote about how Venture capitalist and technology evangelist Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) appeared to be quitting Twitter. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. His last tweet said: ‘Taking a Twitter Break.’

Twitter Southpark

This is a man who has been “deluging his more than half-million followers at all hours with wide-ranging witticisms, postulates and statistics.”

>> Since he started using Twitter in earnest at 12:01 a.m. on New Year’s Day in 2014, Mr. Andreessen had tweeted roughly 100,000 times, which averages out to about 100 tweets per day.

>> He clicked “like” on others’ tweets about 267,000 times and collected some 595,000 followers.

The article includes a bit of speculation about “Why.”

We have a theory here at Jedemi. He may have been inspired by Comedy Central’s “South Park” which has “Quitting Twitter” as one of its recurring topics this season (its 20th, by the way).

Link to it here.

Hmmm… Probably a coincidence, right? But still…

BlackBerry Quits BlackBerry…

Blackberry smartphone

According to a Bloomberg piece we read:

It’s official. BlackBerry Ltd., the Canadian company that invented the smartphone and addicted legions of road warriors to the “CrackBerry,” has stopped making its iconic handsets.

The news has been expected for a while now, as BlackBerry has held an increasingly smaller share of the smartphone market over the last several years.

Hmmm… Hold on. Wasn’t there a BlackBerry mention in Season 1 of Mr. Robot?

Blackberry Mr. Robot

The mention came from a member of the Crackberry forums who also noted that there was an extreme closeup of his BlackBerry (Bold 9900?).

Nail in the coffin? If so, it took over a year.

John Brandon, ComputerWorld’s TECH DECODER, has an interesting take you can read here.

Moto Mods Take Over the Journal


Last Friday’’s Wall Street Journal had a Motorola take-over in the “B” section to promote their Moto Z which transforms into an entirely different device “every time you snap on a Moto Mod.”

Curious, we Googled around and found this story that included a video so you can see how the announced mods work.

Pretty slick design for sure.

#skipthesevens is the message on the first of the four ads on facing pages. The very last one, on B7, says the same PLUS tells you where to find it —


While the placement was definitely an attention-getter, our “hmmm” was from conjuring up where the mod concept had been seen before (as in years and years and years before).

Set the “Way Back” machine to 1998 — In a galaxy not so far away, Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky, and Ed Colligan, the original inventors of the Palm Pilot, founded Handspring to un-Palm-like personal digital assistants (PDAs) known as Visors- and Treos. The Springboard modules came along in 2001.


Among the many available modules were auxiliary memory, game plug-ins, GPS navigation receivers, cameras, GSM and CDMA mobile phones, versatile infrared remote controls, wired and wireless network interface cards, Bluetooth modules, MP3 players, cordless phones with answering machines, and voice recorders.

So what’s old is new again, though we really dig the execution with the magnets.

That’s a Wrap!

Thanks for reading! Please let us know what you think of our “Hmmm” items. Better yet, let us know about things that make YOU go hmmm.


–The Gang

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