SCMF Musings: Keebler’s Ernie Elf Take on Social Media…


While clicking around the Web doing research for a post, an ad popped up in the right column that made us look twice.

Keebler Fudge Stripe

Curious, we followed…

The eyes weren’t deceiving us. We saw a Keebler elf and followed him.

What we found out is the face of the hollow tree gang, Ernie Elf, has joined social media (#‎ErnieLearnsSocial) and is posting regularly on Twitter and Facebook.

His posts are as funny as Tony X the St. Louis Blues fan.


Below are some examples:

Keebler Ernie tweets

Learning sharing…

Keebler Ernie Elf Twitter

Learning to hate auto-correct…

Keebler Ernie Elf Tweets

Learning about Tumblr…

Keebler Ernie Elf Facebook

Learning Facebook posting…

Definitely LOL funny. Will they drive cookie sales? Maybe, yes.


The point is — this is a brand that is over 160 years old (see above) and is doing its best to be relevant to today’s consumers using the forms of communication familiar to everyone these days.

Keebler web

Keebler web

Keebler web

Above are snaps of the Keebler landing page sliders. Good looking (and looking good)!

Other Ernie Sightings…

For sure, we like the tweeting Ernie more than the “Happyish” Ernie.

Keebler Ernie Happyish

Our #SCMF journey led us to a Robot Chicken (NSFW) episode (“That’s the way the cookie crumbles”) starring the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Robot Chicken Keebler

Robot Chicken Keebler

Robot Chicken Keebler Cookie Monster

Then We Followed the Cookie Monster…

He’s got a Twitter account too!

Which reminds us of an Apple ad (iPhone 6S Timer) he was in.

We Went Billy…

So our #SCMF adventure had us totally doing a Billy from Family Circus route.

Family Circus Billy map just because of a sidebar ad that got us curious AND wasn’t intrusive / in your face / blocking our path (we’ll save the toll keeping, pre-roll rant for another day).

Thanks for reading (and reliving the venture we took)! And #SCMF!

–The Gang

Bonus Content

Happyish NSFW Ernie Clip

Robot Chicken Keebler Clip

Cookie Monster Apple ad Outtakes


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