TBT – When St. X was a Doodle…

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Today we were reminded of the Google Doodle that was done in 2010 (110 years) St. X (AKA Saint-Exupéry).

That Doodle noted the following:

Born in Lyon on 29 June 1900, Saint-Exupéry was an aviator who flew the mail over North Africa and the Andes. He won awards for several of his novels, but is best-known today for the allegorical children’s book The Little Prince, the story of a pilot who crashes in the desert and meets the Little Prince. The fairytale has its roots in the author’s own experiences: in 1935 he had an accident in the desert of North Africa, walking for days before he was rescued.

Of course, we have a full page on St.X here at Jedemi.com.


—The Gang

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