Adventures in Cable Management…

Our adventures in cable management started at Ace Hardware and then moved on to The Container Store, where we picked out several options for solving the office challenge.

The challenge, that we accepted, was to put a hole in the conference room table and route cables underneath so that they would poke through the hole WITHOUT getting in the way of people’s feet under the table (off the floor!).

Drilling the hole and inserting a cable grommet was the relatively easy part — that is, after we were lent a plug-in, power drill.

For our next trick, we had to screw underneath the table, whatever we decided would adequately handle the bundle of cables we needed to get off the floor.

I was leaning towards the Umbra Clipper Wall hook that we found on a rolling-T near the register on our way to check out.

Clipper Wall Hooks by Umbra® are designed to look like ginormous office clips.

We merely substituted the underside of the table for the wall (normal use) and used the supplied hardware to screw the clip flush against it. We really liked how the clip was so easy to press to add cables and wires.

The Wall Hooks by Umbra come in a 3-pack for just under $20.

We figured that spacing them out from the end of the table to near the newly drilled hole would provide the support needed for the cables.

The hard part was getting them attached in with the supplied screws.
You actually have to hold open the clip to get a screwdriver lined up straight.

Anyway, by the third clip, we were experts.

We routed the cables and plugged them in. Crossing our fingers, we turned the equipment on and everything worked.

We stepped back to admire our work.

And for a finishing touch, we added a Quirky “Cordie.” Actually the formal name is
Cordies Desktop Cord Catch.

Made from flexible, weighted rubber, the Cordie features loops that serve as sturdy grips which keep cables and power cords from sliding back through the hole to the floor. Kind of cool!

The Cordie was just under $10.

And there you have it, cable management with a few accessories and some elbow grease.



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