Adventures in Crating…

Another weekend, another project…  This time we had to build a shipping crate to return a ginormous TouchIT board that weighs roughly 75lbs.  The width of the container was 89-inches. The height of the container was 56-inches.  We built it from boards obtained at Home Depot:

  • 15 each 10ft by 1-inch by 4-inch, cut to 56-inch boards
  • 2 each of 8ft by 1-inch by 4-inch cut to 87-inches

Then we had a little help from the local sofa store (Martinez Furniture).  They let us have some of the sofa wrapping cardboard and covering that was headed for the dump (reuse, right?).

Before heading to SF, we shrink-wrapped the boards in bundles of 5 for easy transportation which included navigating a freight elevator up to the 19th floor.

This is the end product.


Here’s how we did it.

Step 1 – Position the TouchIT board against the wall and slip over the sofa covering.  Attach using regular tape.

Step 2 – Build the Frame.  Lots of screws used here.  Cross between a palate and an bed frame.

Step 3 – Line the Frame with the cardboard covering.

Step 4 – Set the TouchIT board into the frame.

Step 5 – Use the longer pieces of cardboard covering to pad the top of the board.

Step 6 – Create padded corners with cardboard from the sofa place.

Step 6 – Duct tape the cardboard covering to keep it from slipping.

Step 7 – Add all the boards on top to securely encase the TouchIT board.

Step 8 – Add little handles all around for better grip using scrap wood.

Step 9 – Lean encased TouchIT board onto Sliders (The Container Store) and push into the office for temporary storage.


Step 10 – Wait for UPS to pick up this 200-lb piece of art!


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5″ Stretch Wrap Clear ($8.99)
5″ x 1000′












4″ diam. Magic Sliders® Pkg/4 ($19.99)

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