Asking for a Little Respect…

Last Sunday I opened up the Target ad for the San Francisco Bay Area (it was in the San Francisco Chronicle) and saw this.

And I said to myself, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Our other Bay Area team, the one of “MoneyBall fame,” was left out of the picture. Instead, we have representatives of the southern part of the state. So what’s the deal? Are they saving money by doing one photo shoot to cover all the Target stores in California? Dissing the A’s was not a good move.

MLB Disses the A’s Too.

Little did I know that Target ad was foreshadowing what would happen to the A’s later in the week, as they held their season opener in Japan. I was actually looking forward to watching the game in the wee hours of the morning (okay, I may have joined in the 4th inning — my normal wake up time). Instead, the MLB channel decided to delay it for viewing at 6am Pacific.

Lame but I adjusted my expectations. So I put my DVR in action and recorded it to watch after I got back from my workout.

So I’m watching and listening, and then I hit pause.

That can’t be right, I thought.

I watched some more and sure enough, it was the Seattle broadcasters (technically the visiting team). What’s up with that?

I figured I’d give the MLB the benefit of the doubt and I recorded the second game of the series (perhaps they’d trade off broadcasters).

And again, I was disappointed. Seattle? Really? Come on, guys!

I watched the game on Mute. Got to see Cespedes’ 2-run home run followed by Josh Reddick’s solo shot.

Awesome. They won!

The next day, I find a clip online and the home run call was being made by the A’s broadcaster. Say what? So if our guys were covering the game, why were we blocked? Makes no sense.

I’m not the only one disappointed. Check out Bruce Jenkins’ piece here.

And the take on SB Nation here.

All we’re asking for is a little respect… just a little bit.



Game 2:

Game 1:

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  1. Frannie says:

    More on the A’s
    Selig said: “In 1990 when Bob Lurie wanted to move the Giants to San Jose, Walter Haas, the wonderful owner of the Oakland club, who did things in the best interest of baseball, granted permission. What got lost there is, they didn’t feel it was permission in perpetuity. He gave Bob permission to go down there. Unfortunately or fortunately, it never got changed.”


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