Smashing Approach to Learning What’s in a Klondike Bar…

A funny thing happened on my way to research my MLB “No Han” rant, I stumbled onto an ad that was awesome in the lower right corner for Klondike’s Flavor Chamber.

Nice name. But what it really stands for is Smash the Klondike Bar or Choco Taco to see what’s inside.

You can choose from a number of weapons: baseball bat, golf club, power washer, a kitten, and more.

Apparently there’s a Facebook tie in too.

You have an option to email it to friends.  Here’s the message that appeared with the subject: Kaboom!

Select a device of delicious destruction (chainsaw, weed wacker, M-80 firecracker etc.) and watch Klondike® products explode in amazing super slo-mo. Visit

My take — This is a very fun way to make folks aware of what’s inside a Klondike ice cream bar. This campaign by the VIA agency is really well done.

Check out some of my smashes:

Baseball Bat


Golf Club.


Power Washer.


Pouncing Kitty.

Hitting the Fan.


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