Funny Ha-ha or Funny Uh-oh…

The other day, I got a text message that said, “Siri is funny.” Siri is a built-in app on iPhone 4S that lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more.

The “funny” message arrived after one that Siri messed up. It was supposed to say “super windy” — a comment about the weather at the moment. Instead Siri wrote, “Super Wendy.”

Thanks to Siri, I found myself on a “funny” sidetrack.

First, I dug up the original Joe Pesci rant from the Scorsee film “Goodfellas.”

Which reminded me of the Animaniac version – Goodfeathers.

Some clever person spliced together a bunch of Pesto’s rants.

Definitely funny ha-ha!


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