Blackhawks & that Catchy Tune

Watching the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs and finals on HD is always a treat. You feel like you’ve got front row seats (on the glass without paying the exorbitant price).

Got to watch a lot of the Chicago Blackhawks as they eliminated the San Jose Sharks as they blasted their way into the Finals.


Against the Philadelphia Flyers, they opened with 6 goals at home. When they returned for Game 5, they had 7 goals. For every goal, there was “the song.”

You’d know it if you heard it, yet may be hard pressed to say the name of it. You may even know it more for it being incorporated in an Amstel commercial that has been getting a lot of air time.

Thankfully, over at, I was able to find a post that answered the question (last year actually):

It’s “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis.

You can hear it by clicking below.



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