Super Bowl Ad Watch: Dockers & Shazam

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can engage with a particular Super Bowl ad on an entirely new level.

shazamAccording to MediaPost write-up, there will be an ad for Dockers (first appearance during the Super Bowl since 2002) where viewers who use the Shazam app will be taken to a specially created branded-content page where they can learn more about the campaign, download the jingle and register for a Dockers giveaway promotion.

“The purpose of this is to create a more meaningful communication with the consumer,” said Jen Sey, vice president of Dockers global marketing told Marketing Daily. “As consumers are watching the ad, they can interact with it and get more.”

The song is called, “I Wear No Pants.” It was written by The Poxy Boggards, a 13-man Irish band that performs original and traditional songs. In the commercial, the actors sing the song.

Interpublic Group’s Draft/FCB in San Francisco created the campaign. The Ignition Factory, a specialty unit of Dockers’ media-buying agency OMD, created the Shazam integration.


According to AdWeek, “The spot itself is a bit of a shocker, not for what it includes but what it omits.” A multitude of dudes — wearing no pants — walking in an open field, singing. Shot by Noam Murro from the back, the dudes are wearing “tighty-whities.” The spot ends with the “Wear the pants” call to arms (or rather, legs) and an announcement of a khakis giveaway — FREE pants!

It will be interesting to see what the response is on Sunday and beyond.

Also, for Shazam, the Dockers commercial is the first to use the company’s tagging technology in conjunction with advertising content. According to Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher, there has been a “high correlation” already between people using the application for music heard during advertising (particularly automotive advertising) and music industry sales. “We see an application of our technology as a direct-response medium,” Fisher says. “Services like Shazam are experiencing exponential growth. We think this is a mass medium that’s only going to grow.”


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  1. Looks like CBS acknowledged they messed up with the placement of the Dockers ad with CareerBuilder’s ad (back-to-back pantlessness). They are giving Dockers three 30-second “make good” ads during the NCAA basketball tournament.

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