Super Bowl Ad Watch: Go Daddy Does it Again

The CEO and Founder of, Bob Parsons, has to be having a chuckle over this one.  Known for his controversial Super Bowl ads, the buzz for the past week has been on the ad that was banned by CBS.

According to online posts (like this one), Go Daddy, the web hosting provider, purchased two 30-second slots for the Feb. 7 game. The company submitted five ads to CBS for approval. While four of the five got the thumbs-up, the “Lola” spot, which features a large, black ex-football player who becomes a successful online lingerie retailer, was nixed.

Go Daddy ended up picking another spot called “Movies,” featuring race car driver Danica Patrick in revealing outfits, to fill one of its commercial slots, and now must pick one of its other three to fill the second.

Parsons has been making the rounds talking about this ban. He just appeared on Fox Business laughing with the host about how he was told:

“This ad has the potential to offend viewers.”

Parsons may have spent $3 million to air four ads, but the publicity surrounding this banned one is, by far, going to gain his business the most recognition. In a word… Priceless!


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