Boomerang: iPad Mount & Stand Charms Kickstart Donors

This is pretty darn cool. A company called XVIDIA has come up with a really fantastic product. If it works as conceptualized, these things will be selling like hotcakes. It’s called Boomerang and it is being touted as “the first ever all-in-one iPad mount and stand.” I learned about it at Kickstarter (with a nudge from Alisha of Astrsk PR).

The name comes from its look when folded in half.

The founder, Uros, dreamed up Boomerang when looking for an iPad solution he could use while running on the treadmill at his local gym. After doing some research, there came the revelation that inspired the product:

“…Someone forgot to build an all-in-one product. Accessories already on the market offer protection against scratches and bumps, others enable different typing angles and some allow you to mount your iPad on the wall or in the car. At XVIDA we wanted a product combining all of these facets in a single device, so we made one ourselves.”


More on Boomerang:

Boomerang has been modeled as a stylish, lightweight, slim iPad stand, providing ergonomic typing and viewing angles. It also attaches with perfect ease to various mounting accessories via an amazing magnetic interface. Combined with Boomerang’s mounting accessories, an iPad becomes:

  • a hands-free personal entertainment device on a treadmill, or in a car;
  • a cooking assistant in the kitchen
  • a navigation device on the road or on a boat.

Boomerang is fully compatible with all versions of iPad (*except first-edition iPad & iPad Mini). It is also blends perfectly with the iPad Smart Cover.

The mounting accessories include a table stand, headrest mount, air vent mount, suction cup mount, and something they refer to as a “multi-mount.”  The video will give you a really good idea of the various ways Boomerang can be used.

As of Friday evening (December 7), the company reached its funding goal, but you can still get in on the ground floor if you want. Plenty of options (funding levels) available.


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