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At the recently concluded TechCrunch Disrupt SF conference that was attended by 2,000 leading technology innovators and investors and over 150 new startups, Red Staple, a pioneer of tools that enable independent artists to easily and affordably create digital packages for rapid distribution, demonstrated its new e-Book authoring tools — a breakthrough in the emerging category of Lateral Publishing.

Currently in Beta, the tools are titled Red Staple Enhanced iBooks Authoring Tool (EiB-AT) and Red Staple ePub Authoring Tool (ePub-AT), these tools help publishers of all sizes and independent authors make Enhanced iBooks and ePubs quickly, easily and affordably for distribution on a wide range of platforms (e.g. iBookstore, Google, Amazon, Sony, Nook).

Under the watchful eye of Staple Dog, CEO Lori Jordan did several interviews.

The concept behind Lateral Publishing is that you can take the written word (i.e. a book manuscript) and add extra content such as images, video, audio and links, to broaden storytelling experience while also leveraging the attributes of newer tablets and e-reader devices (e.g. Apple iPad).

“Lateral Publishing in some ways is about bringing back the idea of getting extra content with your primary purchase. The path has been paved on the music side with the availability of enhanced LPs and Extras for outlets like Apple’s iTunes store.  What’s amazing now is that things have aligned to give us an ideal platform for making lateral publishing content widely accessible. Our authoring tools open up possibilities for authors and their publishers to enhance and differentiate their offerings in a way that is quick, easy and affordable.” — Lori Jordan, co-founder of Red Staple

One thing that makes Red Staple stand out is its roots in the entertainment industry.
James Mercs, a creative technologist whose work has lead to numerous awards (such as an Emmy and Oscar Scientific) had this to say in a written statement:

“Red Staple has applied current entertainment industry marketing and distribution experience and created a brilliant tool for the book publishing industry – one that sorely needed to retool this industry for the 21st century consumers. Most, if not all, of my career has been on the cutting edge of technology. So I was seeking an innovative way to make my first book (“The Chopping Block”) accessible to as many readers on as many of today’s digital distribution platforms as possible. The Red Staple ePub authoring tools worked seamlessly. Simply stated, it allowed me to have compatibility with current and future distribution considerations. As a author, using Red Staple was the easiest decision I have made in publishing. It just works!”

The Red Staple ePubs and Enhanced iBooks authoring tools are available now. More information is available at


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