Bubbly Milk !? Coca-Cola Testing in NYC


It’s been referred to as tasting “like a birthday party for a polar bear.” That could be appropriate considering the Coca-Cola’s history of incorporating polar bears in their advertising.


According to two different reports, it looks like Coca-Cola is hoping a new fizzy milk drink could become a hit with consumers.

The so-called vibrancy drink named Vio – a blend of skim milk, sparkling water, fruit and an entire 27 grams of sugar – is being tested in New York City. The retail price is $2.50 per 8 ounce bottle.

For Comparison purposes, a 12 fl. oz  Frappuccino Light Blended Coffee, Mocha has 105 calories, 21.5g of carbs and 14g of sugar. And a Frappuccino Caramel, that’s 9.5 fl.oz, has 200 calories,  36.0g of carbs and 31g of sugar in each bottle.

Anyway, the Vio, not to be confused with Sony’s family of notebook computers (VAIO), comes in four flavors: peach-mango, very berry, citrus burst and tropical colada.  And get this — apparently no refrigeration is required because there isn’t any dairy mentioned on the label (!?!).

Say what? Fizzy milk without the milk? Doesn’t sound like something I’d like to drink slow or “Quik.”


Polar Bear Refresher

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