ChalkCar Stimulates the Inner Artist…

Mike Kepka featured the “ChalkCar” in his “The City Exposed” column that ran over the weekend.

Grant Gordon, the owner of a 2001 Toyota Echo, has turned his vehicle into a movable chalkboard / art installation. At least once a week, armed with a box of chalk, he heads to a spot with heavy foot traffic and sets up an art challenge un-hindered by rules or censorship.

After one person starts, waves follow to add their touches to the car.

“People started using it in a way that seemed more meaningful than I had originally envisioned,” he said. “It has become therapeutic. It has changed how I see the car.”

Gordon uses a digital camera to document the work before he goes to the car wash to “clean the slate,” so to speak.

Here’s a video that tells the story.

And if you want to follow the adventures of the ChalkCar, check out Gordon’s blog:


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