Goldfish: An Amazing Artist Rendering…

My friend, Sarai, brought this to my attention.

It is 3D like you’ve never experienced it before.

Japanese artist / craftsman, Riusuke Fukahori uses a complex process of poured resin to paint three-dimensional goldfish. In this video, you get to see how the fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer.


Earlier this year, Fukahori’s goldfish took over the ICN Gallery in London (exhibit was titled “Goldfish Salvation”).

According to a write-up in the Daily Mail by Kerry McQueeney, the 38-year-old Fukahori said he was inspired by French impressionist Claude Monet and his series of oil paintings titled ‘Water Lilies.’

He said he first began to draw goldfish about 10 years ago. Other notable quotable:

> I then developed the resin technique which I thought gave an original representation of the fish.

> All my works are drawn from my imagination, I never use pictures of goldfish to follow and I do not have pet goldfish to sketch.

> Memories I have, fun or painful, and the influence of people I meet are always reflected in my sculptures.

Truly inspirational!


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