Chip Tracker Shows Where Snacks Originated…

Frito-Lay is proud of the fact that Lay’s chips are made from potatoes grown by farmers (more than 80 farms from 27 states) across America. Springwise had a story that talked about the new Chip Tracker that is available online which lets consumers trace where a particular bag of chips was made.


Just enter your ZIP code along with the first three digits of the bag’s product code. In return, the site provides the specific location along with its annual output. An associated map, meanwhile, highlights both growing and production facilities.


So the trick is, you have to buy a bag of chips to find where they were “born.”

I suppose you could go to a store and write down the product code (or take a picture with your mobile’s camera) to see.

It is an interesting concept and a nice way to draw attention to the brand.


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