Circling Back: Twinkies Gaining Traction as Dude Food…

It’s been just about a month since we wrote about the return of Twinkies (They’re B-a-a-c-c-k: Twinkies Make Early Appearance at Wal-Mart).

New Packaging.

New Packaging.

According to AdWeek, $3 million was spent on the campaign to reintroduce Twinkies to the market and the company can barely keep up with demand.

  • They shipped 85 million Twinkies and Hostess CupCakes initially
  • They’ve taken orders for 100 million more of those two snacks alone.

A key to the success was the new tone taken. “We went for aggressive, bigger, bolder and younger,” said David Lubeck, evp, executive director, client services at Hostess ad agency Bernstein-Rein, Kansas City, Mo.

They also leveraged social media and blanketed major markets with food trucks and street teams.

The story quoted Allen Adamson, managing director of brand consultancy Landor Associates, who mentioned that Twinkies needs “to go from quaint and old-fashioned to trend-right. They can’t be on autopilot. They’ll have to be scrappy.”

We say being scrappy is always a good thing!


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  1. Ok I’m going to have to stop by to a Walmart next time I’m in the area — these twinkies are becoming tempting.

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