Clever Ticker Symbol Helps Visibility…

If you subscribe to The Wall Street Journal online, or can get access to Monday’s paper, please turn to page C3 and check out the story about Ticker Symbols.

With GM’s IPO coming this week, the company returns with the symbol: GM.

Fortunately for GM, they will have an easy-to-recall ticker symbol, which is especially helpful in this age of texting and tweeting. The story noted that when Chrysler returns, they will no longer be C. Citibank grabbed it.

The story also pointed out that If Facebook or Twitter ever decided to float shares, the two technology giants would have a number of options:

>> Although FACE is currently in use by cosmetics company Physicians Formula Holdings Inc., the social-networking behemoth is free to pick BOOK.
>> Or, if founder Mark Zuckerberg so wishes, he may choose the self-indulgent ZUCK. For the microblogging company, TWIT and TWEET are also currently unaccounted-for.

Here is a chart that shows some of the ticker symbols. Humor definitely helps memorability.



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