Coming Soon: Suit — Book 3 of Jedemi Chronicles Launch Trilogy…

Wondering about The Gang? Who they are? What’s their mission? Answers to be revealed in the upcoming book: Doin’ It: Taming of the Suit. It is Book 3 of The Jedemi Chronicles Launch Trilogy.

Launch Trilogy at a Glance…

In Book 3, a hard-charging, corporate ladder-climbing young lady (the Suit) has a close encounter at the café that leads to a life changing experience.

It’s almost here…

Er… and what is “it” exactly?

“The Taming of the Suit: How It Happened One Night.”

Oh, the book Annie has been working on?


Heard it was part of a series.

Yes. The Jedemi Chronicles series.

She’s been working on the Chronicles for a while, right?

Yes. Things slowed down when she decided she needed a way to launch her series. Suit is due to arrive mid-June.

Jedemi Chronicles – Volume 3
Doin’ It: Taming of the Suit

The name changed?

Yes. All the books in the series lead with song lyrics now — part of the Enchanted Jukebox influence.

That’s cool.

Indeed. Annie is very passionate about her Jedemi Chronicles and her Gang.

Maybe you can help spread the word.

Will do!

Heard there’s a nice rollout planned with giveaways and special kits and more.

Awesome. Probably best to encourage sign-ups at, right?

Yes, please. We haven’t quite figured out how to set-up a separate, book-only registration. But our weekly DragonBustR Reader is a really quick read timed for the weekend.

Copy that!

Thanks for reading and May the Jedemi Force be with you!

—The Gang

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Some book clips appear below:

It appears that the Journal Girl is here…
in the cafe… as we speak.

Here? Now? You saw her Dossie?

Indeed. She’s over there… appears to
be sleeping presently.

Wow, Dash-K, our Journal Girl, is
here. How’s that for serendipity?

Funny… Dossie said the same thing.


So we figured the four of us should
put our heads together and come up
with a game plan. You know, for
Operation Taming.

That is, if Frankie hasn’t gone ahead
and made his move…doing his Han
Solo act.

Are you curious yet??? Coming soon for Kindle (hardware or app on any mobile device).

And the Jukebox Sez…

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