Dawn Falls Climber: It’s About Realizing Your Dreams…

Climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became instant celebrities after their record-setting achievement on the mammoth vertical granite face in Yosemite National Park. They set a 19-day free climbing record when they became the first men to free climb the Dawn Wall on El Capitan.

But to us, the real noteworthiness of this achievement was its uber message:

“It’s not a man-versus-nature pursuit. It’s about realizing your dreams. If anything, it’s the opposite of conquering anything,” said Jorgeson, 30, of Santa Rosa, who has been encouraging people to find their own Dawn Wall. “It’s about realizing your dreams, whether that’s climbing the Dawn Wall or someone writing a book. It’s the same process of defining a goal, getting after it and finishing it.”

So in a way, they are proof points of the “Idea, Energy, Power” concept often mentioned by Dossie.


Notable Quotable on Realizing Your Dreams.

Their achievement reminded us of something else. Joey talks about the Hero’s Journey being something unique to each individual. How you shouldn’t follow someone else’s path if you are to realize your true potential.


From "Reflections on the Art of Living"

From “Reflections on the Art of Living”

Being inspired by the Dawn Wall Climbers is a great thing. We all need to proactively “get after it” and “finish it.”

From ponderable to actionable — Let’s give it a try!



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