Grab N Go Promo Easy to Miss…

Today I discovered something pretty cool — a clever way of carrying ID, cards, cash and a key slide on the backside of your smartphone.  It’s called a Grab N Go Band.  Made of a unique die-cut piece of rubber, it is designed to fit snugly over either a bare phone or a protective case providing the function of a wallet in a very minimalist way that doesn’t appear to muck with the sleekness of the smartphone itself.


Source: PRN

My curiosity was raised when a press release showed up in my “in” box that mentioned a “unique offer.”  So I read the first paragraph of the release once, twice, three times, but couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.
See for yourself here:


Snapshot from my email.

See it?   One free Grab N Go Band for everyone who signs up at this website.

Immediately I had a problem.  This website?  What website?

So I scrolled down to the boilerplate and got the URL to the company’s website.

About Grab N Go Band
The Grab N Go Band was created by Danny Wilk in 2013, and is patent-pending. It is designed to hold IDs, credit cards, cash and keys securely to the back of a smartphone, and is positioned as the absolute in minimalist wallet design. Wilk is also the patent owner of the popular product ‘Bandyball’ rubber band ball, and the patent pending Wallet Works. For more information, visit:

The landing page said “WE ARE LAUNCHING VERY SOON…”


Snapshot of Landing Page

The Pre-Order Now button jumps out to their Kickstarter campaign.


Snapshot of Kickstarter page.

All roads lead to Kickstarter to get this puppy funded.  Actually not a bad strategy.  However, I was still trying to get to the place where I could register for a free Grab N Go Band.

So where the heck do I sign up?

Setting aside my feelings of frustration, I decided to reach out to the man behind the Grab N Go Band, Mr. Danny Wilk via his Kickstarter page.

He quickly replied and enlightened me:


Aha!  He says the words “this website” are actually a hyper-link that allows people to sign up for the free band. The link is

[Note to Danny:  Always have the website URL spelled out in the release in case the hyperlink doesn’t work.]

For those of you who don’t speak, here is the functional URL:  It’ll lead you to this page where you can sign up.



Snapshot of

Mr. Wilk said, “The way the offer will work is that we will give away a free band to everyone who signs up at the site I just listed, but we will limit the number of total free bands given away to the number of backers we get on Kickstarter. As of now, that means we will be giving away approx. 575 bands.”

I definitely feel better.  Now the only bummer is the wait.

According to Kickstarter, the Grab N Go will ship in February 2014.  My iPhone 5 is crying for it now.  Oh well.


Stay curious my friends!



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  1. Hmmm I’m not sure I like the idea of fattening up the back of my phone with cards sticked onto it. Plus I’d be always concerned losing some while taking in/out the phone from my jacket’s pockets. Might pass on this one.

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