Look Up in the Sky… It’s a Movie Promo!!


Normally, forms of sky advertising wouldn’t be something to blog about. After all, who hasn’t spent a summer at the Shore and not seen a plane with a trailing banner (“Phil’s Bongo Room — Live Music tonight!).   But this story caught my eye.

Seems that Disney/Pixar commandeered a Zeppelin to help promote their animated feature, “Up.” Per a story by Amy Corr of MediaPost’s MediaCreativity:

A Zeppelin airship, larger than a 747 and recently brought stateside from Germany, was affixed with 700 pieces of ultra-lightweight vinyl-like material that combined to reveal a picture of the “Up” house, fastened to helium balloons. The picture of the house and balloons pales in comparison to the understandably large-type words “Disney/Pixar. Up. Only in theaters.”

I suppose this was way more efficient than trying to launch (and control) a bunch of hot air balloons. Plus, size-wise, you’d HAVE to notice it.

Here are some fast facts:

  • The creative was manufactured in Germany
  • It took three days for the 700 pieces to adhere.
  • The Zeppelin, named Eureka, is normally used for sightseeing trips over San Francisco, Napa Valley and Silicon Valley (aha! They found a way to amortize its costs!).
  • The “Up” campaign blimp, which flew over the Los Angeles area, ran close to six figures for six weeks.


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