Timing is Everything – Brands Miss Opportunities for Engagement…

According to a story that appeared in Marketing Daily, many brands are not properly leveraging social media channels to get the word out. The writer, Sarah Mahoney, referenced a study done by Yesmail Interactive titled, “Using Digital Market Intelligence to Drive Multi-Channel Success.”

Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail, told Marketing Daily there’s a significant disconnect between the way potential customers engage with digital media messages and the way campaigns are currently planned.

“When you don’t pay attention to timing and the way campaigns reinforce one another, you get lower levels of engagement,” he says. “And less is more. If brands would focus smaller and more refined messages to smaller audiences, they’d often get better results.”

The Day of the Week Matters: The day of the week is as a big consideration. For example, Facebook campaigns achieve the highest level of engagement on Tuesdays, even though it ranks fourth in terms of when campaigns are deployed. Most brands launch Twitter efforts on Friday, despite its being the least engaging day. Timing is also essential: More than 84% of Twitter campaigns occur within regular work hours, even though 5-8 a.m. EST is the time frame with the highest level of customer engagement.

You can read the complete piece here.

Sounds like a wake-up call for marketing / brand people to work even smarter.


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