Copy That… Xerox New Campaign Starts Sept. 7

In an attempt to re-invent, re-position itself, Xerox is kicking off its most expensive advertising campaign in two decades to promote its business service offerings, which now account for half of its revenue.

The ads focus on Xerox’s relationships with six clients like Procter & Gamble Co., Target Corp., and Major League Baseball’s New York Mets.


For example, in one television commercial, the Mets mascot, Mr. Met, presents two team executives with a sloppily handwritten, barely legible document. After one of the executives chastises Mr. Met for the presentation, he notices that the mascot has enormous, gloved fingers (and only four of them at that). A voiceover explains that Xerox helps the Mets manage their documents so they can get back to the business of “entertaining fans.” The spot closes with the executive trying to get out of his gaffe by saying he didn’t want Mr. Met (who has a baseball for a head) to get “a big head.” Mr. Met slumps off sadly (Source MediaPost’s Marketing Daily).

According to the story appearing in DM News, the integrated b-to-b campaign will include digital out of home, Twitter and interactive website tie-ins, along with search marketing, print, television, web and airport advertising. Xerox is targeting decision-makers at large companies across various industries, including financial, human resources and customer care.

A Wall Street Journal story stated Xerox “hopes the campaign will overhauls the brand and call attention to its expanded ability to handle clients’ busywork.” The article quoted Xerox’s chief marketing officer, Christa Carone, “The whole campaign is geared around disrupting the legacy perceptions of Xerox.”

The campaign, fully funded by Xerox, is targeting business people, particularly those with decision-making power.
> Billboards will be displayed at airports to catch the eyes of business travelers.
> Commercials will run on business-news channels like CNBC and Sunday morning news programs.
> Commercials will also run during televised sports popular with the business set like golf, tennis and college football.
> Print ads will appear in Fortune, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications, and on business news websites.
> The campaign will launch Oct. 4 in Europe and, depending on how it is received, will last through 2011.

Commentary: The Wall Street Journal and ad trades wrote about it on September 2, so the campaign made the news before it officially launched. That was a brilliant way to raise awareness. Having a newsworthy story helped too.


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