Wonderfilled Campaign Takes Oreo to New (and Better) Level

During the weekend, a new Oreo ad campaign broke that was quite refreshing, especially compared to the Super Bowl “Cream or Cookie” debate. And the double stuffed Oreo lick-off with famous people (i.e. the Mannings) years earlier sticks in my mind, but not in a good way. So when I heard about the Oreo campaign that hit during Sunday’s episode of Mad Men, I was curious and made a mental note to check it out. Then, when I was perusing my San Francisco Chronicle, in the first section where there is usually a full-page mobile phone ad from either AT&T or Verizon, I found a very colorful Oreo ad.

Oreo Print Wonderfilled

“There it is!” I thought to myself.

I studied it for a bit and then tracked down the ad online. There is a 30-second and a 90-second version.

A story in Creativity Online captured this:

“It starts with a very simple premise, about how something as small as an Oreo cookie can bring about a positive change in perspective,” said Janda Lukin, Director, Oreo at Mondelez International, Inc.

A true ponderable with excellent execution. See both versions below.

I applaud The Martin Agency for coming up with this awesome, colorful “Wonderfilled” campaign.


One more item of note — The music really makes this ad memorable.

The spot’s playful tune was written by Martin Agency creative director Dave Muhlenfeld, who’s also composed music and lyrics for the agency’s campaigns for FreeCreditReport.com, Xfinity and Walmart. To perform it, the agency tapped indie artist Adam Young, aka OwlCity, chosen specifically for how his point of view meshed with Oreo’s vibe. “One thing we’re definitely not trying to do is to make music to make it cooler, or for street cred,” said Mr. Muhlenfeld. “We needed an artist who’s going to be as uncynical as Oreo itself. It had to feel honest and fun.” The song will serve as the campaign’s backbone, of sorts, and the brand plans to bring in other types of artists of different genres to reinterpret the tune for new executions.

Source: Creativity Online

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