Doin’ the Dougie…

The weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal featured a story about “The Dougie” which is a celebratory dance that is popular across the sports world, from college pep rallies to the gridirons of the NFL.

Based on a series of moves described in the hit song “Teach Me How To Dougie,” by the hip-hop group Cali Swag District, it generally consists of shimmying and then gliding one’s hand through one’s hair.

Famous “Dougiers” include:

  • NBA rookie John Wall of the Washington Wizards , who did it during his warm-up before his home debut
  • New York Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards drew a penalty flag for a post-touchdown Dougie in September.
  • The Oregon Duck (green-and-yellow mascot for University of Oregon’s top-ranked college football team)

The funny thing is how “The Dougie” has spread.  The story noted how R. Bowen Loftin, a bow tie wearing computer-science professor who is president of Texas A & M University, did the Dougie in a maroon sport coat during an October pep rally.  Also, Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, wrote on his blog that he would Dougie when the team sold out its arena against any NBA team other than Boston, Los Angeles or Miami.

“My bet is we will sell out, so John’s going to have to give me a lesson,” Mr. Leonsis said. “I don’t want to look stupid.”

So here’s your lesson:

Ready to do the Dougie at work?


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