Forever Stanford Red? Just for One-Day

When it comes to football uniforms, especially in the PAC-12 (formerly PAC-10), the Oregon Ducks have been the talk of the league. Nike, which was co-founded by Ducks booster Phil Knight, has arranged for the team to sport a different look every week.

For the Stanford Cardinal, the new look by Nike will be for one-day: Saturday’s final regular season game against Notre Dame.

The "normal" look at home.

The Nike One-Day Special Look

  • Instead of white pants, the players will wear all-red outfits.
  • The traditional white helmets with the red stripe and all those Axe-decals are being set aside for one game in favor of red-and-black-matte helmets with a red “S” on the side.
  • There are matching cleats and Vapor Combat Gloves that, in Stanford’s case, form the “S” when a player holds his hands together.
  • Though different, the Stanford uniforms won’t be nearly as controversial as the ones worn by the Maryland Terrapins.

    The story in the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned that the uniforms help with recruiting.

    For sure, they keep Nike and Under Armour front and center in the minds of the young and “influenceable.”


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