Franksgiving then, Black Friday now…

I read an interesting story in The Wall Street Journal that talked about “Franksgiving.”  Apparently, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to move Thanksgiving Day forward by a week, rather than have it take place on its traditional date, the last Thursday of November.

The reason was economic. There were five Thursdays in November that year, which meant that Thanksgiving would fall on the 30th. That left just 20 shopping days till Christmas. By moving the holiday up a week to Nov. 23, the president hoped to give the economy a lift by allowing shoppers more time to make their purchases and-so his theory went-spend more money.

It seems really funny that 70 years ago, FDR was pushing for a chance to help the economy.  And here we are today, spending Thanksgiving with one eye on football and the other on our computer (or iPod) screen viewing Black Friday deals.

In fact, while watching football, I was serenaded by a Radio Shack commercial to the tune of the “Let’s all go to the movie” song. It was promoting “Shack Friday.”

When it comes to deals, check out this fabulous website:


Great tag line!  Seems like the ideal place to research pricing.


If anything this holiday season (and beyond), customers will be armed with better pricing information which is helpful for making sure dollars stretch further than ever before.

I will be testing out the Deal News Black Friday app.


I have also signed up to follow Deal News on Twitter. I am curious to see what kinds of offers pop up and the frequency.


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