Gap’s Happy Whateveryouwannakah Ad is Cheery and Fun

Updated (originally published Nov 16)

The Gap has packaged up the spirit of the ad campaign and taken it on the road.  Per a story appearing in MediaPost,  a dozen professional dancers and drummers have hit the road as part of the Gap’s traveling cheer squad.

“The company says the bus tour is part of its holiday campaign, celebrating this year’s ‘classic cozy cabin’ collection, which it has described as “an urban unconventional modern take on the coziness and comfort of the American log cabin.”


This is a fun way to extend the campaign.


If you watched any popular programming towards the end of last week (Flash Forward, Grey’s Anatomy) or the Sunday Night Football game, you may have seen the new Gap holiday ad.

cheer001Believe me, I am not one for holiday ads and frankly speaking, two weeks (or more!) before Thanksgiving is kind of early to be slammed with holiday music and commercials nudging you to buy, buy, BUY!

The Gap ad was refreshing in the way it embraced the realities of this economy.  It’s not just about buying stuff. Rather it is about spreading cheer. In fact, the end of the ad gives you a URL for Cheer Factory (

This is a fun ad that you really want to share. It reminds me of the old “That’s Holiday” ads the Gap did. I remember stopping everything to pay attention. So fun and energetic!

Makes you wannakah do something different this year…


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  1. Aha! Just read Barbara Lippert’s write-up on this ad campaign ( Looks like the work of CPB. She wrote:

    “Gap took a hiatus from holiday TV ads last year. And this new work, the first from Crispin Porter + Bogusky (which created the clever “Modelquins” campaign for Old Navy), would seem like a timely return, thanks to the sudden popularity of Glee, the Fox musical that features chorus geeks who emote their hearts out.”

    Anyway, as usual, the work of CPB is stirring up a lot of emotion and discussion. The comments after Lippert’s post were highly negative. Interesting…

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