Acura’s ‘Okay Spend Smart’ Campaign…

Acura apparently thinks a white knuckle ride with Suze Orman, Dr. Phil or Santa is the way to convince folks to “spend smart.”

Yeah, that’s right. You are being counseled by someone who is driving really, really fast without paying attention to the road. Brilliant!

“That’s not a dress, that’s an emotional money mistake,” Orman tells the lady who was stupid enough to respond to “Hey girlfriend, get in.”

So when Orman drops her off, do you think that lady is thinking, “Yeah, I want an Acura so I can drive fast. It handled the corners really well.”

The call to action is to visit your local Acura dealer. What do you do when you get there? Do you ask the sales guy to let you drive the Suze Orman car? Yeah right.

But strangely enough, according to MediaPost, Orman and Dr. Phil did their own stunt driving versus using the traditional green screen background, per Acura. The ad has the usual disclaimer (professional driver, closed course), so that was curious to me.

See for yourself here:

Also, this write-up links to all three videos.

What do you think? You all in on an Acura this holiday season? Sure beats those “December to Remember” Lexus ads.


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