Large Washer is Good – New LG Ad Campaign

The email blast had this headline, “LG Looms Large” followed by a tease about a giant bra. I’ll admit that had me scratching my head. In my mind, LG was a manufacturer of some snazzy phones — like the superphone unveiled last week at CES called the non-memorable (and not creative) GW990.


PC Magazine’s Sascha Segan remarked, “For one thing, the GW990 is huge. It’s a thick brick with a 4.8-inch, 1024-by-480 display that’s positively gorgeous. The phone strains the concept of “pocketable.” Intel’s chips have been criticized for not lending themselves to lightweight or slim devices, and the GW990 doesn’t do much to dispel that idea.”

“…But I don’t know if the awesome screen outweighs the slightly awkward size and weight of the device. The GW990 felt like an “I can do this!” technology demo rather than a gadget designed to grab existing smartphone consumers.

From a super large device to … a super capacity clothes washer. That’s what I realized when I followed the link to AdWeek’s website.

I clicked onto an ad created by Young & Rubicam for LG’s larger capacity washing machine.

Giant pieces of clothing are scattered around a city, and the ad takes viewers
on a sweeping tour of the spectacle. Among the highlights are a humongous bra hanging on the side of a building by an equally oversized clothespin;


This spot is amusing and disruptive because you find yourself drawn in… trying to figure out what’s happening.

Nice way to visually tell the story…

…No matter how big, LG has a washer for that.


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