From Target to 7-Eleven, Domo Delights in State-side Appearances

domoslurpbigMeet Domo. The brown lumpy character, mascot of Japan’s giant public television and radio broadcasting organization NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation in English), is now appearing at 7-Eleven stores near you.

As strange as it may seem, it isn’t too far of a stretch to get to how Domo ended up at convenience stores in the States. 7-Eleven is the Dallas-based subsidiary of Japan’s Seven and I Holdings Co, which is the world’s largest franchise chain.

And according to this story that ran in BusinessWeek, Big Tent Entertainment, the marketing and licensing company behind Domo, helped broker the deal with 7-Eleven.

“Because Domo has such a hugely devoted, cult-like following among kids, teens and young adults, we believe he’s a perfect match for 7-Eleven and its iconic Slurpee brand,” said Big Tent chief executive officer Rich Collins. “7-Eleven has created some very cool collectible items that will have Domo fans and Slurpee drinkers alike coming back for more.”



Domo Facts:

  • Domo was created by Japanese illustrator and director Tsuneo Goda, and who also serves as the mascot for Japanese TV station NHK.
  • Domo’s characteristics are that he loves to eat everything except apples and he says only one word: his name.
  • Last year, it was a Domo Halloween for Target. They have moved onto another promo for this year.


domoappear2sSo where will Domo be seen? On coffee cups and hot dog containers.  Displays for candy and other merchandise.  Fuzzy Domo toys will dangle from Slurpee straws.  There will be a special Domo-inspired Slurpee flavor — the “Fuji Freeze” which is apple flavored (Domo’s favorite)

And along with the expected promotional items, including collectible action figures, comics, DVDs, plush characters and clothing, Domo will also be found online. The Japanese animation company that originally created Domo, dwarf inc., has prepared webisodes about the brown mascot’s quest for the perfect Slurpee at and

There is also a Facebook page.


The 7-Eleven campaign is slated to run from Oct. 1 through Nov. 15.


To learn more about the creative behind the campaign, check out this Creativity post.

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