AWSI: Make ’em Move Promos – Part 1…

We’ve noticed some pretty interesting (and creative!) promotions designed to get folks to move (try, buy, share, etc.). Here are a couple of examples.


Today is convenience store, 7-Eleven’s 86th birthday which also means it is Free Slurpee® Day.  At participating stores, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time, customers can get a small (12 ounce) Slurpee. Previous years they kept with the 7-Eleven theme and offered the freebie in a 7.11 ounce size. But the thing that’s particularly “moving” is the Slurpee Dance promo (think Snoopy dance with a brain freeze component to it).

Anyway, what 7-Eleven has done is get YouTube dancing phenom Nathan Barnatt to post his own version of the Slurpee dance as well as how-to videos on and YouTube. To party down publicly, fans are encouraged to download the Slurpee Dance theme song, follow Nathan’s lead or make up their own moves and post to 7-Eleven’s Facebook fan page, on Twitter, YouTube or Vine with the tag @slurpee #slurpeedance.

Here’s one example:

Pretty good!

We’re curious on what the participation level will be. According to their website, 7-Eleven operates, franchises or licenses more than 10,100 stores in North America. The possibility of getting people to show up and dance at all those locations is a stretch (think Flash mob style). But, with it being carried online, they may get more traction.

Another “Make ’em Move” promo was announced last week by Yogurtland. Good thing too, because we were thinking it was just another frozen yogurt chain. Upon further review, we discovered that their niche is the variety of proprietary flavors and superior toppings they offer.

Yogurtland announced a promotion that runs from July 8 – Sept. 15, where they will be introducing six new frozen yogurt and sorbet flavors and toppings inspired by Looney Tunes characters.


Breaking that down:

• Bugs Bunny – Carrot Cake frozen yogurt

• Daffy Duck – Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange frozen yogurt

• Marvin the Martian – Kosmic Fruit Kaboom Sorbet

• Tweety Bird – Lemon Cream Cookie frozen yogurt i

• Road Runner – Cactus Berry Tart

• Taz – Devil’s Food Cake frozen yogurt.

Each character will have its own collectible spoon and cup. The plan is to have the flavors rolled out gradually — with the new flavors introduced every two weeks. No doubt, to keep you coming back for more. In addition, they are doing some limited time special offers of co-branded merchandise including notepads, pencils, key chains and melamine bowls.

Furthermore, they’ve got an app where customers can scan QR codes on the in-store flavor cards and earn 4-ounces of free yogurt after collecting four character codes, and 6-ounces after collecting all six codes.


They definitely are inspiring you to go to Yogurtland early and often.

Both of these are creative ways to get folks to move.

Have you seen other examples? Please let us know (via Comments below).
Stay curious my friends!


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