They Got to Move It, Move It…

Looks like the Swedes are onto something.  According to an AP story that appeared this week, for some, lunchtime equals “move it” time.

Called Lunch Beat, it is an activity where workers dance to club music during their lunch hour.  The very first one took place in June 2010, at an underground parking lot in Stockholm. Only 14 people showed up. According to the article, “they had so much fun they immediately planned another event. Word spread, and now the Swedish capital has monthly Lunch Beats that attract hundreds.”

They have this amazing, energizing experience.  Then they get sandwiches to eat when they get back to the office.

“It’s great,” said 29-year-old government worker Ellen Bengtsson. “We’ll go back sweaty together.”

Hopefully this AP story will get a similar trend going here in the States.


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