NessNotes: Having too much fun? Blame Laird…

Greetings and beatings peeps! Here’s another tidbit for NessNotes….

Today’s topic is one of the FJTM interviewees, Laird Hamilton. While poking around on the Web, I came upon an awesome article on Laird, with great pics to boot!

We all face a bit of adversity in life.  Many times we get picked on, bullied, and invalidated by not only society at large but those closest to us. Now, I am the first to say that is is darn hard to stay in a positive place mentally and keep in mind that the negativity they are showing you is nothing more than them deflecting the anger/dislike of themselves onto you.

One of my fav athletes is Laird (someone who is known to have “balls of steel”).   He is a man that has faced racism and adversity every step of the way to the top!

His approach to life is awesome.

“I told somebody, ‘blame me for all the fun you’re having.’  …But I realize that no matter what I do I’m going to have a certain amount of resentment towards me just because of what I represent. Like my wife Gabby says to me, ‘you make thirty percent of people really happy, thirty percent won’t really care, and then thirty percent will hate it.’ So I just have to continue to push.”

I really dig the whole “Blame Laird” concept.  Heck, there are even t-shirts!!

Known for his metal toughness, tenacious and daring lifestyle, Laird is one of the guys to follow if you are looking for a role model on how to live with adventurous, fun loving and tough spirit…..Check out this killer article and post up your thoughts! Now get out there and take life by the balls! — Ness

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