Ness Notes: CrossFit – Some Specifics…

Ok, so last time we covered the health benefits of CrossFit with an emphasis on the anaerobic and aerobic cardio systems. Now I’m going to shine a light on how it uses specific sports (gymnastics, weightlifting, and sprinting) in order to maximize the workout to obtain amazing results. Gymnastics: So… more »

Ness Notes: CrossFit – The Health Benefits…

Previously we covered an intro to CrossFit, CrossFit kids and the basic movement and tools that are used in it. Today I want to discuss the overall health benefits and positive mental changes you will see in doing this sport. CrossFit can be done at home or at a gym…. more »

Ness Notes: CrossFit 101 — What is it?

Having provided an overview of the craze that’s sweeping the nation, I figured I should spend some time trying to break it down so you have a true sense of CrossFit. I think of it as a blended sport, that just so happens to be a great way to get… more »

Ness Notes: CrossFit – A Video Overview

On SB Nation’s YouTube channel, there is a video about CrossFit created by frequent contributor and amateur CrossFit participant, Matt Ufford. In 4+ minutes, you get a pretty good sense of what CrossFit is all about.

Ness Notes: CrossFit: The Craze that’s Sweeping the Nation…

You’ve probably heard the name or seen it in your gym’s list of programs available. You may even flipped passed it on ESPN when the CrossFit Games were being televised. Is it the new and more accessible fitness test like the Ironman? What I can tell you is that there… more »