Ness Notes: CrossFit: The Craze that’s Sweeping the Nation…

You’ve probably heard the name or seen it in your gym’s list of programs available. You may even flipped passed it on ESPN when the CrossFit Games were being televised. Is it the new and more accessible fitness test like the Ironman?

What I can tell you is that there is, indeed, a CrossFit craze is sweeping the nation. People of all ages and backgrounds are jumping on the bandwagon and just might stick with it too because of the nature of CrossFit. It is super intense and challenging, but quite variable too. In fact, I am comfortable saying that this is a program that folks won’t find boring.

But let me step back and provide some background. CrossFit was developed in 1998 so it is a fairly recent fitness category / sport. In essence, it is a functional strength and conditioning program that is made to be general in its style (as in not specializing in anything in particular, but more so all-inclusive).

CrossFit was originally made for police, military, those practicing martial arts as well as pro athletes of all kinds. The way workouts can be tailored and individualized opens this fitness program up to folks of all ages (from 5 to 98).

I know from my experience of teaching / coaching youth that a CrossFit program would be an ideal alternative for the PE, and recess, and after school sports combined. It’ll get kids moving in a way they may have only witnessed in their favorite video games.

Plus, they can have that true sense of accomplishment and get fit at the same time. Talk about a win-win!

I will drill down more into what CrossFit is in subsequent posts. What I can tell you is that it involves will running, jumping, squatting, throwing, lunging, push, pull and lift in all directions and in all possible ways!

Cool Things about CrossFit

1—Never boring.
2—Always a personal challenge of strength and heart.
3—Immediate feedback.
4—Great for relationship building / team bonding.
5—Let’s you challenge yourself and learn about yourself on a daily basis.

To sum it up, CrossFit let’s you do your own mini Hero’s Journey. While sharing a common experience, the actual “dragon slaying” is very individualized.

Like I said, I’ll write more on the topic. For now, I’m just putting it out there for consideration.

Oh, if you want to read more, here are some helpful links:

CrossFit website
CrossFit Games


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