Ness Notes: CrossFit – The Health Benefits…

Previously we covered an intro to CrossFit, CrossFit kids and the basic movement and tools that are used in it. Today I want to discuss the overall health benefits and positive mental changes you will see in doing this sport.

CrossFit can be done at home or at a gym. Structure comes in the form of a WOD (Workout Of the Day), that is posted in the gym or on the CrossFit website. You can scale the workouts, as in reduce weight, reps and change an exercise if needed to accommodate a medical condition or limitation.

That right there is too cool and why anyone no matter the age or the physical condition can do CrossFit!

For example, here is a pic of Jean.  She is 82 years old and can dead-lift 153lbs!!!  If she can do it, so can all of us!
Biggest inspiration I’ve seen in a long time, I hope to be a super fit and healthy granny one day!  : )

With CrossFit, the focus is on changing your body by attacking your fast twitch (Type 1 and 2) and slow twitch muscles. It also hits your anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) systems. Think of it like the fibers (muscles and other connective tissue) and energy systems in the body that produce speed/power and endurance. It is kinda like jumping super high or sprinting really fast vs an all day hike or 2 hour run. It does this by using intervals, via time/pace to kick those systems into gear. That is why it is so effective in burning fat, increasing muscle mass and overall fitness! 😀

By hitting both styles of cardio, you not only work your lungs but your heart (the most important muscle in your body)!!!

By combining that with weights, gymnastics, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination you get a power packed workout that blasts fat away and kicks your butt into a strong, lean, healthy and balanced machine. Therefore being able to handle life’s stresses with ease!!!

So I know you guys are asking how do weights, gymnastics go together….in most peoples minds that’s like apples and oranges, haha!

Well, the dynamic movements of gymnastics paired with weights make for a splendid combination of power, flexibility and motion. Using things like the rings for muscle ups, which are a body weight exercise insert muscle up pics here and then doing heavy thrusters here make for a fat blasting and muscle building combo that also pushes your conditioning to the max! ☺

Now onto the mental game: Within this sport you get healthy dose of competition with not only yourself and the score board but with your classmates (in real life or online if you do at home workouts). This style of training pushes you to your limits. There will be times when you don’t think you can go on, there will be days when, if you push yourself you will feel sick, there will be days where you will be so sore that you don’t want to get out of bed… and those are the best days!

Why? Because you are moving forward and pushing your limits! There have been many studies that show that the human body will continue you to push forward as long as the mind is intact and strong. Think of it like the body is the machine and your brain the computer that runs the machine.

We must learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow as people. This can be applied to any part of your life, for the happiest people are not those that have everything but those that are happy with what they have.

Your classmate, team mates, and coaches will push you to your limits, they will support you and cheer you on every step of the way that is one of the best parts of this sport! Check out the pics below of some of the local teams competing and supporting each other!

So get out there and give it a try! Next we will cover how weights, gymnastics and craziness combine to make an awesome and effective training system!

Cheers ! — Ness

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