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Peaky Blinders Mr Robot The Get Down soundtracks

One of the common denominators in the “What We’re Watching” piece we posted was music. They all had fantastic soundtracks which really added a powerful dimension to the storytelling.

While in “curious” mode, we found our way to Spotify which had playlists of the soundtracks with embedding options. Figured we’d give it a try so you can hear for yourself.

We also included some YouTube embeds. Enjoy!


FastCoCreate.com pointed to the music in their “reasons” post, stating:

Art rocker Nick Cave’s doom-laden “Red Right Hand” sets the tone for each episode while White Stripes’ screaming guitars underscore much of the first season mayhem.

The series creator, Steven Knight explained:

For me it was never an option to use music from the period because if you do that, you’re putting another barrier between the audience and the characters. Nick Cave and the White Stripes establish in a subliminal way that these are contemporary emotions. We kept the music to a very limited number of artists because otherwise your soundtrack starts to sound like a juke box.

Here’s a link to the complete list from the BBC.

The Spotify list can be linked to here.

And here’s our first try at embedding:

We’ll be writing more about songs and bands we discover — Like the “Arctic Monkeys” – in future posts. Stay tuned!

Mr. Robot — Hacking our Subconscious

We liked the music from Seasons 1 and 2 of Mr. Robot, but didn’t know until we did the “Watching” piece that composer Mac Quayle won an Emmy. The USA Network did a piece which on a “humorous short” about Mr. Quayle’s process of hacking into our subconscious with his musical score.

Here’s a sample of the music:

And here’s Mr. Robot on Spotify.

The Get Down & the Birth of a New Art Form

It is a given that a music-driven drama series that chronicles the rise of hip-hop and the last days of disco would have a good soundtrack. You’ll hear it in the trailers below and clips.

Published on Aug 11, 2016

For comparisons purposes, here’s Gloria Estefan’s version:

Bonus Show – Treme

We mentioned how awesome the music was in HBO’s “Treme.” Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, this hour-long drama series, from “The Wire” executive producers David Simon and Eric Overmyer, follows the lives of ordinary residents as they struggle with the aftereffects of the 2005 hurricane.

Check out an insider piece on the music here.

Here’s the Spotify list and embed:

Thanks for reading and Listening! #SCMF

—The Gang


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