Pupping It – Tunes for Chilling Out…

I just got turned onto the Peter Pupping Band (special thanks to my Jersey Pal Frank Gaff), and specifically, the album titled “Samba Night.’

Take a listen for yourself.

Samba Pa Ti

El Condor Pasa

Barcelona Nights

According to the band’s website, the Peter Pupping Quartet was formed in 1996 in Encinitas, California (North County San Diego) which eventually lead to the Peter Pupping Band with the addition of Kevin Koch on drums and Allan Phillips on keyboard, percussion and steal drums. In 1996 after 15 years of performing as a solo guitarist Peter scheduled a performance at a local coffee shop with then long time guitar student William Wilson. Peter and William joined forces for this “one time event” and planned an evening of classical, Spanish and flamenco guitar. When word of the performance got out one of their friends volunteered to play percussion for the Latin part of the program. The response at the concert was overwhelming and they decided to start a group. William went from student to performer very quickly and they added a bass player and a percussionist permanently.

Here’s a video from that site:

Frank was right… there is something definitely soothing about the music. I’m adding them to my playlist straightaway!


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