How Random is this? Who is CPBoyd?

Yesterday I was flipping through my Wall Street Journal when I came upon a full page Dell ad. Sure, the unusual looking laptop / tablet caught my eye. But what kept my attention was the quote.

Who is C.P. Boyd?

I am pretty familiar with writers / reviewers in the tech space and that name didn’t ring a bell.

The ad referenced a Twitter account. So I looked up @CPBoyd.


I had to investigate further.

Scrolled down to his September 2 tweets. Aha!


So he was referencing a PC World article by Melanie Pinola, Dell Announces New XPS Dockable Windows Tablet and Convertible Ultrabook. In it, she said:

“The XPS Duo 12’s unusual screen-flipping design will no doubt remind you of the Inspiron Duo convertible tablet, whose screen also popped out of its keyboard case. Though innovative in its design, the Inspiron Duo didn’t last too long in the market, thanks in part to the device’s lackluster specs, including a mediocre display and underpowered Atom processor.

The XPS Duo 12 will hopefully overcome those issues by combining the flipping design with Ultrabook specs. Dell’s press release highlights the XPS Duo 12’s premium materials: an aluminum and carbon fiber chassis plus a Corning Gorilla Glass display.”


So if I’m am reading this correctly, @cpboyd made a comment based on an article he read in PC World that was based on a press release written by Dell dated August 30, 2012.

And for that, he is now “famous” in a full page ad in the November 20 Wall Street Journal (and no doubt in other publications).

What the…?

Maybe Dell is doing their own version of LMAO now because (a) they got me to look; and (b) they are getting more attention because of this unusual ad for an unusual looking computer. Do they win though?

Here’s what some reviewers said:

Brian Westover, PC Magazine:

“Where the Sony VAIO Duo 11 left us nervous about the future of the hybrid ultrabook, the Dell XPS 12 puts us back on solid ground. While the design is a better laptop than a tablet, the XPS 12 is a solid performer, thanks to ultrabook-grade specs, long battery life, and a design than prioritizes comfort and usability. It’s a bit early to be picking favorites, but the Dell XPS 12 is a front runner in the nascent hybrid category.”

Jon L. Jacobi, PC World

The XPS 12 Convertible Touch Ultrabook is a clever and stylish design, and it obviates the need to carry a tablet with you. At least if a Windows 8 tablet is what you want. It’s on the heavy side, but that’s may be a common theme with touchscreen laptops for the foreseeable future. It could also use another USB port, but that will limit relatively few users.

Dan Ackerman, CNET

The Dell XPS 12 is unique among the Windows 8 laptops we’ve previewed and reviewed, offering a different take on the convertible laptop/tablet concept. At the same time, it’s not exactly an original idea, being based on one of Dell’s previous high-concept designs, the Inspiron Duo.

The flip-screen construction is surprisingly practical for sharing your screen with others, and using a touch screen with a keyboard and touch pad works well in Windows 8. But it’s hard to justify spending $1,699 when the XPS 12 doesn’t entirely satisfy as a slate-style tablet, even if Microsoft shoulders most of the responsibility for that. If you’re in love with the XPS 12’s design, I’d suggest sticking to the less expensive configurations.

One thing’s for sure, It’s pricey (starting at $1,199 – up to $1,699). Let’s see if this ad does the trick and triggers some sales.


Who is C.P.Boyd?

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