AWSI: Apple Bashing; Samsung Won’t Let Up…

We remember seeing a cartoon years ago that was captioned “Last Act of Defiance.” In it, a mouse was flipping off a bird of prey that was swooping in on him. Funny how that visual stuck.

As we were perusing The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, we stopped at page A7 to admire a very “blue” full-page ad with the title “NOT ALL SMARTPHONES ARE CREATED EQUAL.”

From A7 of The Journal.

From A7 of The Journal.

Okay, you grabbed us. So we scanned it and were surprised to see a smack-down of Apple’s iPhone 6 in a “6v6” campaign by Samsung. In the ad, it compared the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge vs. the iPhone 6.

[“Why not the iPhone 6 Plus?” we wondered aloud…]

The copy was focused on the front-facing camera, noting the Samsung difference (grandma and no grandma). Whoa! Snap!

Then we turned the page, only to be hit with yet another 6v6 ad with more pictures and copy declaring “THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 EDGE SIMPLY HAS NO EQUAL.”

The Samsung smackdown continues on A9.

The Samsung smackdown continues on A9.

Again, harsh. After a series of us vs. them pictures totally smacking down the Apple iPhone 6, we are prompted to learn more at

If you scroll down, you get more of a side-by-side comparison.


Curious, we did a Google search and what came up was a series of posts written by tech pubs. The ad community hasn’t noticed (or chosen to write about) this yet.


The other posts, like this from AndroidCentral, and MacRumors focus on the videos that are part of the “6 v 6” campaign.

We found this from CNET quite humorous:

There’s something glorious in the notion that Samsung has decided to fight. It will continue to chip away at the iPhone 6’s alleged inadequacies. It will find superiority wherever it can.

There again, aren’t our phones supposed to be disappearing into our pockets permanently, as we’re all now going to be daft enough to talk to our watches?

Hey, Samsung. Hurry up. We need an ad that mocks the Apple Watch.

Will the re-emergence of the Samsung “snark” help them sell their “6”?

What we do know is that these acts of defiance may only antagonize Apple meaning more court time for both sides.

Stay curious friends.


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